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2018 Escorted Italy Tours and Vacations

2018 Escorted Italy Tours

We welcome you to Escorted Italy tours. This website is dedicated solely to 2018 escorted Italy tours and 2018 Italy vacations. We represent only the most reputable tour companies that have offered guided Italy trips for more than 50 years, so you know your travel investment is safe. Plus, we have been in the business of pairing the perfect guided Italy vacations with our clients for over 26 years, so we are confident that based on customer feedback we've put together the best 2018 Italy Tours, 2018 Italy Packages, and 2018 Italy Vacations in various price ranges including budget, first class, deluxe & luxury trips There are also a number of travel styles to choose from including custom trips so that you can travel to Italy the way you want.

With all of the options available, how do you know which are the best Italy tours?

That is a question without a simple answer.  What is right for you may not be the best option for another traveler.  Here are some things to think about before choosing an Italy tour.

Questions to Consider When Choosing an Escorted Italy Tour

The first step would be to determine some basic information. 

When do you want to travel to Italy? 

Prices are higher in the summer vs. traveling in May, October or even in the winter months where you can get a great value. So if you are on a budget, you will get a better buy traveling in the off season.  This doesn't mean you can't travel during peak season, but keep in mind that summer departures sell out quickly, so it is important to determine when you want to go and plan early.

The next thing to consider is how much time do you have to see Italy You may want to see all of Italy, but that is not practical in two weeks.  There are some wonderful tours that cover a lot of Italy in under 14 days, but you have to be willing to be on the go constantly.  Some people prefer to have free time in each city and not be so rushed.  For them their are leisure trips that offer 3 nights in the major cities, you don't get started before 9 am on days you are with the group and you have lots of free time.  There are truly vacations for every type of traveler.  Based on the amount of time you have, we can help you focus on the areas you want to see most, making sure you have enough time to take in each region and see the "must see" sites.

Also important is what do you wish to accomplish on your trip - what is on your Italy bucket list? 

Do you want to see as much of Italy as possible in a short time, or do you want to focus on a particular region? Are you looking to focus on romance for a honeymoon or anniversary? Do you enjoy shopping, cuisine, history, architecture, art or a trip that offers all of the above?

Why spend your time at a museum if your interest is in architecture? This is a perfect example of why one escorted Italy tour may be perfect for one person, but the wrong choice for another.

Answers to these questions will help us determine which is the best Italy tour for you. Notice we have not even focused much on budget as this point, because it is more important to determine what your ideal Italy vacation experience would be, and then we can work from there and explain the differences between budget, first class, deluxe and luxury Italy tour packages.

Below you will find the current 5 best selling Italy tours currently based on customer search and reservations. Then along the top bar you can search Italy tours by the number of days you wish to travel, or you can view them by budget, train travel, cruise tours, Italy small group travel and Italy family tours. If you have a favorite travel company, click on the tour operator button and it will display just their trips.

If you are interested in traveling to Italy in 2018, there are only a few companies that have released travel information through April.  Please call our office for more details.


Most Popular Italy Tours

A Taste of Italy (LH2017)

By Globus Tours. 7 Days starting at $2,129

TitleA Taste of ItalyVacation OverviewYou’ve heard about Italy—its mouth-watering cuisine, excellent wine, fabulous art, splendid beauty, ancient ruins, extraordinary statues, and remarkable architecture—and now it is your turn to experience it. On t.. (click for more)


13 Day South and Sicily

By Perillo Tours. 14 Days starting at $3,295

There’s no place on earth like Sicily. A true melting pot of cultures, you’ll see Greek and Asian influences in the exotic architecture, unique cuisine and faces of her people. If you happen to be of Sicilian heritage, you’ll be surprised by how the .. (click for more)


Inside Italy

By National Geographic. 10 Days starting at $6,575

Immerse yourself in the lively rhythms of life in Italy on an unforgettable journey to some of its lesser-known treasures. Walk between the picturesque villages of the Cinque Terre, explore the Carrara quarries where Michelangelo chose his marble, an.. (click for more)


Gems of Italy, France and Spain (63302017)

By Cosmos Tours. 19 Days starting at $2,569

TitleGems of Italy, France & SpainVacation OverviewThis Mediterranean vacation takes you from Rome to Paris to Madrid skirting some of the Mediterranean coast, with many fascinating stops and scenic drives along the way. In Italy, overnight in Rome, .. (click for more)


The Best of Italy and France (HH2017)

By Globus Tours. 11 Days starting at $3,479

TitleThe Best of Italy & FranceVacation OverviewItaly and France—two of the most beautiful countries in the world—are waiting for you on this Best of Italy & France tour. You'll spend two nights each in Rome, Venice Island, Nice, and Paris, as well a.. (click for more)


Start Planning Your 2018 Italy Tour Vacation

2018 Guided Italy Vacations

What types of Italy tours are available?

Not only do Italy tours vary in prices, but there are several travel styles to choose from.  The most common Italy tour travels by motor-coach.  On a budget Italy tour the bus fits up to 50 travelers. On a first class tour, the guest capacity is only 40 to 44 travelers and there is a washroom on board. On deluxe coaches there are even less guests, providing more leg room and overall comfort.

For those that want a deluxe coach along with a more personalized experience, there are Italy small group tours where you have only 12 to 26 travelers. These tour also tend to stay in upscale properties, including most if not all sightseeing in one up front price and offer unique highlights that a large group cannot experience due to time constraints.  For example some of the unique highlights may include a private after hours tour of the Doge Palace or Sistine chapel.

If you prefer to travel by train, there are several tours that offer first class rail between the major cities of Rome, Florence, Venice and Milan.  Some of these train trips offer a tour guide, but there are also Italy hosted vacations where you have your hotels, breakfast daily, 1/2 a day of sightseeing in each city, 1st class rail between cities and access to a local host, but the rest of the time you are on your own.

There are also specialty trips designed for family travel, adventure and even culinary vacations.  We can also create a privately guided trip for you with a custom itinerary. 

Highlights of Italy Travel

Few can resist the eternal allure of Italy.  It's icons are the very definition of romance.  The sparkling canals of Venice. The rolling hills of Tuscany.  Colorful cliff top villages perched along rocky shorelines.  It is no wonder the Italian people are known for their passion, considering the beauty of the land that embraces them.

The biggest challenge to every traveler visiting Italy is deciding where to tour and explore.  Even narrowing down the choice to the city or the countryside is difficult, as there is so much to see and do. That's where our Italy travel experts become an invaluable asset to help you plan the perfect escorted Italy tour or vacation package.

Where should I go on my first trip to Italy?

 Are you looking to visit the cities of Rome, Florence and Venice, or do you want a more in-depth experience that includes the Italian Lakes area, Tuscany or the amazing Amalfi Coast? Fantastic cuisine, designer shopping, history, architecture, museums, entertainment and romance are just the beginning of what you can experience in Italy.  The most popular itinerary for first time travelers include the cities of Rome, Florence and Venice.  Those looking for romance tend to focus on Capri, the Amalfi Coast, Cinque Terre, Tuscany and the Italian Lakes.

Where should I go if I have already been to Italy? 

You could start in Rome and take your time in the Amalfi Coast - spending a couple of nights on the amazing island of Capri.  A few tour companies also now visit the "boot" of Italy which is undiscovered territory for many travelers.  Spend time in cities that are often skipped such as Turin, Bologna or Montalcino. Perhaps stay in an Italian Villa while exploring Tuscany.

2018 Italy Tour VacationWhat will you see while visiting Rome, Florence and Venice?

Rome, Italy is, by far, one of the most sought after tourist spots in Europe. At the Vatican City, which is the Pope's well known address, you can take in the sights of St. Peter's Cathedral, The Sistine Chapel, and the great masterpieces created by artists such as Leonardo de Vinci. You can also marvel at our earliest civilizations' structures such as the Pantheon, the Colosseum, and the Forum where the earliest Olympic games were held. “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”– delve into the city’s many formidable museums and basilicas, tantalize your taste buds with the unparalleled flavour of Italy and surround yourself with the pervading sense of history that is the Eternal City.

Florence, Italy is said to be the most populated city in Tuscany and is also the capital. Florence has many red rooftops as you will see when you gaze upon the city from Giotto's Bell Tower. You can get a sense of the open country air, while at the same time experiencing it's rich cultural city life. Don't forget make time for see the Renaissance artworks of the great masters in one of the many galleries.  With the opportunity to wine and dine in true Florentine style, visit historically colossal sights, gaze at artistic perfection and watch the sun set over the Arno, Florence is simply unrivaled.

Venice, Italy is a dazzling blend of waterways, bridges, land and glorious architecture. For anyone in search of the past, you’ll undoubtedly come across the astounding collection of Renaissance paintings, frescoes, mosaics and sculptures embellishing the interiors of basilicas and churches. And if you can’t get there by foot, you’ll get there by water.  Bustling St. Mark’s Square attracts flocks of tourists and pigeons alike, the intricacies of the Doges’ Palace are magical…This age-old floating city is made from the kind of stuff fairy-tales are. Indeed, no amount of reading or flipping through picture books will prepare you for its breathtaking beauty.

Of course Italy is so much more than these 3 cities...the Amalfi Coast, the Italian Riviera, Umbria, Capri, Tuscany and Sicily are all amazing places to visit.  It is impossible to see everything Italy has to offer in one trip, but we can help you select the right vacation so you get the best experience that matches your budget and amount of time you have available.

Our goal is to share everything you need to know about Italy in one place.  Browse Italy guided vacations, read through our blogs filled with Italy travel information and tips, and then call a travel expert who has been to Italy and can give you an insiders perspective.

Reputable Italy Tour Companies - USTOA

We strongly recommend that you only book escorted Italy tours with a reputable tour company that is part of USTOA (United States Tour Operators Association.) This means the company has posted a $1 million dollar letter of credit that is secured to be used solely to reimburse consumers in the case of bankruptcy or insolvency.   No one wants to imagine this could happen to long standing companies, but it is a company that has taken extra steps and is deserving of your confidence. What may seem like a good online deal, could ruin your vacation, so make sure you are only doing business with reputable companies. Save


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